How do we know how much we should be spending on our garden area?

Landscaping is an essential part of every home. Whether its for practical family purposes or purely luxury living, every garden needs a beautiful garden to surround their home no matter how large or small. Knowing how much to spend can be tricky and of course is governed by how much our clients would like to spend or invest.

We would usually recommend investing somewhere between 10-15% of the property’s value. For re-sale purposes, most buyers will head straight out the back to look at the garden or outdoor living area and this can often be the main selling point of a property, so investing the right amount is key to maximising the property’s full potential.

If you are looking to sell your property and the garden areas are looking a little
underwhelming, then it’s key that the gardens are brought up to scratch before its on the market, not only to provide great saleability and street appeal, but also to gain the maximum your property can sell for.

We often work along side many real estate agents across Perth, preparing house’s for sale and have been know to add substantial profit to the sale of the house with just a general tidy up and small transformation.

Do we need a design when we already know what we want?

Yes and No.


In most cases yes, especially with larger projects for a number of reasons, and this will most often apply to new build developments as well, both large and small.

It’s important that as the landscaper, we are on the same page as our clients when it comes to creating a new garden or living area. Having a clear design in place allows us and our client to visualise the garden before construction begins and can eliminate any misunderstanding or miss communication. It also provides us detailed plans to build from and set a schedule of work for the project.

Many clients find it hard to visualise what the garden may look like once complete, and the last thing anyone wants is to be unsatisfied at the end of a project because they had something else in mind.

Depending on how large and complex the project is, in many cases a design is not
required. If its a very simple layout and one that can easily be decided on without risk of misunderstanding by both us and our clients, then we are more then happy to work without a design. The quotes we provide are extremely detailed providing an explanation of exactly what we are preparing to build stating specific materials and also the process of installation.

If you are simply looking for us to just install something within our specialised areas section i.e paving, decking, stone work etc, then a design is generally not required.

How long can I expect my landscape project to take?

Every project is of course different and depending on the time of the year the garden is being installed, can also make a difference.

The more complex the garden design is, the longer it may often take. There is a
schedule of what needs to be done in a certain order, so whether we are installing pool, spa or pond, or building rendered walls which need to cure, these are all things which may slow down the process but can not be rushed. There may be council approvals or structural engineering drawings involved which again will add to the length of the overall project from start to finish.

We always take in to consideration how long we are on site, and do not like to over stay our welcome and will always do our best to turn around a project and quickly as we can, however we will not cut corners to get the job done quicker as good quality craftsmanship cannot be rushed, and we refused to hand over an unsatisfactory project.

The design and quoting process will often take between 2-4 weeks depending on the complexity of the components in your landscape project.

We will always provided an estimate build time from start to finish and quite often will finish right on schedule if not before.

What the first step and where do we start?

The first step is to get in contact. You can simply send us an email via our contact page or call us direct to organise an meeting or discuss your project.

Once we have received your contact details and a brief description of the work you require, we’ll then organise a free on site consultation to discuss the scope of work, or if you are a developing a new build and have not started but require a landscape deign in advanced, we can arrange a meeting at a location of your choice or in our office in Gnangara.

Can I do some of the landscaping myself?

In most cases yes, depending on what areas of the project the clients would like to carry out them selves.

Often clients will ask to do areas like planting, soil preparation or painting them selves as they are often easy areas most people are capable of doing, sometimes with some basic guidance. If they are wanting to do something which will need to be carried out during construction, then it is important they are flexible to work within our schedule. For example, if we required garden bed walls to be sealed and painted for us to proceed with other areas, I.e paving or decking, and the client is not able to do them until the weekend or further down the track, this can often set us back with our work which can then become very costly to us. So we are happy for clients to be involved in the build, but to be mindful of working in with our schedule to avoid any set backs.

If they are wanting to build something structural but have zero or minimal experience, then we will often not allow this as it could have a serious impact on the rest of the garden if its not installed correctly and it could also effect surrounding work.

Do you subcontract areas of the project out to other tradesman?

Our construction team is very well rounded and we cover 90% of the work within our full time construction team. The only areas we may call in a contractor for are: specialised concreting work, lighting & electrical for legal purposes, and rendering. Apart from these few areas, we cover everything ourself within our qualified and very experience team. The sub contractors we do use have been working for us for many years and are exceptional in what they do.

Can I use my own contractors for some of the work?

In most cases yes, however we would always prefer to carry out the install ourselves or use our own contractors to ensure the service area has been installed professionally to our standards but most importantly they will need to work within our schedule which may required them to be only a phone call away if needed. If an area of work has been sourced out to an external contractor and they are not able to attend to the job with a reasonable time, we may have to push forward ourselves to avoid hold ups or sets backs and this would then be charged as a variation.

Will there be someone in charge at all time during construction?

Yes. As the owner of the business, I am involved with every project from start to finish, large or small. I am the on-site construction supervisor and project manager for INEX Pro Outdoor Living and I am on site most days, either project managing or on the tools.

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